“I’m very loyal in relationships. Even when I go out with my mom I don’t look at other moms.” Garry Shandling

Loyalty comes in all forms. Brand Loyalty, Company Loyalty…..Loyalty to the lowest price.

Loyalty is also a two-way street. You don’t get instant Loyalty, but you can destroy it in an instant.

I have many Loyal customers and each day I work hard to keep that Loyalty. But what does it all really mean? A quality product at a competitive price supported by exceptional service? I think there is still more.

Supporting each other is part of the plan. I think this month I have been loyal to the tune of 10 + golf tournaments in sponsorship. I’m not getting an order, but I’m giving back to those who are Loyal to me. You fight hard for your budget money and I work hard to get you the most bang for your buck. Giving back gives me great pleasure.

We at M&L are also customers…..Yup….we buy from and represent manufactures of the quality products I spoke of. So, before I can talk about Loyalty to you, my customers, I must have the Loyalty of those manufactures I represent. I must also be Loyal to them. Sometimes, that can be a challenge – especially when sales demands and exclusive rights are questiond. Nevertheless “consultation before confrontation” is something I aspire to.

“For each mile on the road to Loyalty there are 2 miles of ditch to be avoided.” (Bev Neff)

I thank You for your Business, Friendship and Loyalty,

Rick B