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Firestar Services Inc. is an excelled driven company that delivers high quality training for fire service professionals through classroom lecture or hands on training. We cater to both career and volunteer fire departments. Our ability to facilitate on site certification testing and administration allows emergency services to complete various NFPA certifications and improve service levels by increasing the competency and skill proficiency of each member. We also offer consulting services for a variety of different areas in fire services as well as the private sector.

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Since the dawning of the fire service, there has been two main tools that we also use to aid in our efforts to save lives; hoses and nozzles. As basic as these tools are, there are indispensable in the fight to address the life safety fire ground priority.

Water on the fire maintains and creates survivable spaces in structure fires so that we can conduct the search and make the grab! How does water do this for us? It does so by addressing the unaffected fuel, cooling and extinguishing fuel surfaces, extinguishing the flame, cooling the hot smoke and cooling the hot surfaces.

For water to do this, it needs to be flowing at the correct flow rate for today’s modern fire environment. Meeting critical flow rates is imperative for every fire department as it will protect the firefighter making the interior attack as well as maintain and create a survivable space for the occupant.

There is only one way to know your flow – by flow testing your hose and nozzle packages!

M&L Supply and Elkhart Brass are able to offer this level of education to your fire department and their members so that the proper weapons are chosen for the attack lines for both nozzle and hose and the fire truck is armed for the fight against today’s modern fire loads.

Join with the many fire departments today who have already utilized this level of education and service by scheduling your Know Your Flow with your local M&L Supply representative.

We will come to your station on a weeknight, during the daytime or on a weekend to conduct a 1 hour in class theory session and then dedicate 2 hours on the fire ground flowing your hand lines and nozzles.

Using our flow meters and pressure gauges, along with our pitot gauge, we will be able to show if critical flow rates are being achieved, friction loss points on the hand line and nozzle reaction being produced on the firefighter.




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