Over the years, many innovations have been made in the fire trade – especially with regard to new equipment, and extensive and specialized training.
I have sat on all sides of the table – as a parent, firefighter, fire officer and chief, as well as a salesperson for M&L Supply. It seems to me that throughout history, even with good education and training, lack of both communication and common sense remains a big problem. You have to have good lines of communication in all aspects of life – home, work, social – so that you’re ready for whatever life throws at you. You can’t teach common sense, but you can learn it!

Life goes on, but it goes on a lot better with common sense and open communication. Remember – it doesn’t hurt to listen.

Be safe. Communicate. Use The Common Sense You Have.

Keep fighting the battle and M&L will supply the tools.

John Primeau, Sales Representative – Renfrew County