fellow from Texas once. Both these moments have extended stories that I will share when we meet up next!

Going to FDIC (the Disneyworld for Firefighters) this year proved to be no exception as far as defining moments go. The defining moment happened in a Suburban 6-seater travelling at Warp 7 through Detroit with Jeff Gordon (aka Mark P) at the wheel. If you know Detroit roads, you know they don’t have pot holes – they have sink holes. Picture this – multiple sink holes on I75, on a bend with a tractor trailer in the lane beside us and a full-size Lincoln behind us. Yup, you guessed it, I was riding shot gun. I folded like a cheap deck of cards and screeched like a little girl – “We are going to die!” Not so good for this 6’ 250 lbs (plus) fearless firefighter. Mark said “What? I had it under control”. So, the teasing started and my fellow passengers reminded me of the bridge at Detroit two years ago. That’s another story.
All in all, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.
I have so many memories of defining moments with the M&L sales team. A cast of dedicated Fire Service Professionals second to none. TFT fly in and plant tour next. What will be the next “Defining Moment”?

– Rick Browning