I hope today finds everyone doing well!

Coming from the manufacturer’s side of the fire service, I am one of the newest members of the M&L family. Here is what I have learned so far as a part of this fine organization.

The company is run by an enthusiastic man – Mark Prendergast. As all of the sales staff have fire service experience, Mark encourages them to continue with their passion – whether it’s going on plant tours to learn how products are made, helping out as part of a live-burn training day, or working on a roll-out plan for a fire department’s recent purchase. This really helps set M&L Supply apart from other firefighting equipment suppliers.

The best part for me is that even though I am not a firefighter, all the guys take time to help me understand real fire ground situations. For that, I would like to thank Mark and all the staff for making me feel like a part of the family!

– Mark Naylor